Thursday 23 January 2020
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What You Are Missing to Create Secure Online Payments

What You Are Missing to Create Secure Online Payments

Every business these days is gearing up to make it easier and faster for their clients to get everything they could possibly need directly online. Whether you are selling the latest technological gadget or an old fashion handmade teddy bear, selling it online has become key to business success.

But with the development of online payment gateway systems that allow mobile devices to make payments from smartphones or tablets, we are running the risk of hacking or fraud. The risk is there for both our own businesses and for our customers.

They may want the convenience of buying from their smartphone on their way home from work, but they know they must be careful about Wi-Fi hackers getting into their bank system. There are ways to protect against this problem, if you know what to look for and how to build your digital fence around your site. Here are a few ideas to point the way.

Do Your Homework First

If you are planning to use an application on your device, either as a vendor or as a purchaser, make sure that you know that app first. There are many good sites that will review apps and if you are considering downloading one you should read over the reviews to ensure it is reputable and works the way you need it to work.

Part of this homework is to also make sure that the app you are downloading is coming from a reputable store such as the ones that Google and Apple run. When you download a financial application from one of these two sources you know that it has been vetted first and will not infect your phone or leave it open to being hacked or used for fraud.

Secure Your Connection

While it isn’t always possible, if you are planning to make a purchase through an app on your smartphone or tablet, make sure that the server connection is solid. If possible, avoid using Wi-Fi for that transaction as we all know that public wi-fi can always be hacked. This means that not only is that transaction leaving you open for hacking but it means your entire system could be compromised.

While street festivals that have vendors that use public Wi-Fi to launch their square devices for payment may simply be part of the scenery, take precautions. Lock that device down, add a password and if possible use your own network instead of that private one that anyone can access.

Buy from Secure Websites

If you are someone who loves to shop while you travel, and this is definitely a growing trend, be aware of where you are shopping. A truly secure website will have the letters “HTTPS” at the start of its IP address. This indicates that the site is secure and that the data being transferred is only going from your device to the server without any middle ground. This is the most secure way to run a website that caters to mobile purchases.

Beyond these ideas, always be sure that you are on top of what is going through your account by checking your bank statements regularly. The best way to stop fraud is to find it the moment it happens.