Monday 24 February 2020
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What to consider before selecting WordPress Plugins

What to consider before selecting WordPress Plugins

WordPress has been successful in creating millions of websites. This is because creating blogs and websites is simple. Its great efficiency is powered by the numerous available plugins found in its directory. Regulating the number of plugins in your site is vital. It improves its functionality and retains its simplicity. Not all plugins are good. Hence, know what to consider before picking the plugins.

Genuine plugins

It is risky to choose out-dated plugin or a malware. Try to unveil if the plugin is genuine or not. Check the documentation and support of the plugin. Those that do not have a reliable support system must be avoided. If you want free wordpress plugins, get them from Any other source should be shunned. This is the only site that can be trusted to offer free plugins.

Community supported developers

The wordpress community procure their plugins from certain developers. Take advantage of these developers to make great choices. You can possibly reach out to them and ask questions. That will show their reliability in giving quick responses. Ask if the developers have policies for refunds if client is not satisfied with their plugins.

Out-dated plugins

The plugins will remain functional and secure if the developers update them frequently. The security of the plugin prevents hacking of the php scripts and site. If the plugins are not updated frequently, they will be an easy prey to hackers. That will create losses to wordpress users. Consider the frequency of the developer in updating the plugins.

Questions and notes

Never ignore checking the pages for FAQs and notes. They contain useful facts that will assist you in finding the perfect plugin. Many folks out of ignorance think the plugin does not work. Unfortunately, they do not take sufficient time to gather info about the plugins. These pages will enable you to know about such complaints and their solutions.

Free and premium plugins

The decision to opt for free or premium plugins disturbs most people. Those that hate financial commitments prefer free plugins. The premium wordpress plugins can be advantageous. The payment commits the developer to update the plugins. The value of the premium is incomparable to free plugins. The premium developers give value for money.

Testing plugin

Testing the plugin focuses on their coding. Coding that is poorly done will slow down your site. Every developer needs to follow the wordpress coding standards. In this case, visit any site that offers speed checking service. All you need to do is put your web address on the URL and run a test speed. If the plugin adds time to the speed of your site, find another one.

Limit number of plugins

Unfortunately, most people put many plugins on their wordpress site. That eventually slows the responsiveness of their site. Plugins cause the page to be heavy. Reducing the number of plugins will be possible if you manage to find effective ones. The chosen plugins should be compatible with thethemes and php scripts. That will reduce the usage and reliance on many plugins.