Friday 22 November 2019
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Useful Tips To Select The Right Air Compressor For Your Project

Useful Tips To Select The Right Air Compressor For Your Project

Air power has become very popular for the house and industrial use such as garages and workshops. There are wide ranges of DIY and professional air equipment available on the market. One of the most important considerations you need to do when buying an air compressor is the flow of air that a compressor delivers.

This equipment offers different types of uses according to the needs of a person. Understanding your need and the features of different air compressors available on the market would get you the right one.

CFM requirement

This is the biggest requirement, when you buy a compressor. CFM is needed by your air compressor to power all the air tools in it. So, choose the one according to the device specifications.

Tank size

The average size of the tank ranges between six to five hundred litres. The capacity of the air tank impacts the performance of the compressor. So, ensure that you purchase the right size of the tank. Dorin Spa is the most trusted place to find a wide range of high performance and quality air tools under one roof.

Oil-less or oil compressor

 There are two different types of compressors, oil-less or oil compressors available on the market. Oil-less compressors need low maintenance and do not contain any contaminants whereas oil compressor run quietly and produces a large output.

Benefits of air tools

Lower weight and ergonomic tools

Air tools are very light in weight and small in size. These are electricity powered tools as they need not to be installed with battery cells or heavy motor. There are plenty of air tools available that can be affixed to a single central source of power.


Use of electric powered tools can sometimes lead to electrical fires or chances of operator electrocution. Air tools are highly safe, as there are no electrical elements in it. These tools are best especially when the place is moist or damp or any combustible gases are involved.


Air tools are much cost efficient than other hydraulic tools. These systems are easy to install and maintain than other hydraulic systems. Air tools themselves have lower maintenance needs and less downtime.

This simple guide will assist you in making an informed decision about the right type of compressor that your job requires. Following these tips makes your investment worthwhile and get maximum benefited from it.