Thursday 23 January 2020
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How to Make Your Next Business Event as Green as Possible

How to Make Your Next Business Event as Green as Possible

Our planet is in need of some serious love! The effects of climate change are starting to manifest themselves and could soon cause serious problems for us all. Most of us would like to lead greener lives, but many of us just don’t know how to go about it. If you are responsible for organizing any corporate events, then you have the perfect opportunity to lead by example.

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Hosting a green event isn’t just good for the environment, it is also a sensible business move. Now that there is a much greater awareness of environmental issues, hosting an eco-friendly event is an excellent PR move and an easy way to improve your reputation. It also often brings with it some economic benefits and can reduce the cost of throwing the event that you’ve planned.

Here are some easy ways that you can make your next corporate event as green as possible.

Eco-Friendly Venues

Most newer buildings, as well as the biggest venues, should already have pretty good green policies of their own. Where possible, using sustainable sources of energy, and keeping power consumption to a minimum, saves building owners a huge amount of money on their energy bills. Often these venues will advertise their eco credentials, precisely because they know that it provides an incentive for businesses to host their functions there. You should put the venues credentials front and center of your advertising.

Go Paperless

When it comes to letting people know about your event, instead of sending out a whole bunch of printed materials, instead use e-mail or social media to promote the event. Going paperless is forever becoming easier, in fact using lots of printed materials is often frowned upon. Use printed materials where they make sense, but keep them to a minimum, instead, try and engage potential attendees through more modern, and more eco-friendly means. Of course, if you can send invitations out on recycled paper, and ask guests to bring their invitations as an entrance token so they can be recycled again, this could work to your advantage.

Catering and Amenities

When you are deciding on catering for your event, be on the lookout for opportunities to procure some locally sourced, organic produce. Make sure that you make attendees aware that the food being served has been sourced in the most ecologically friendly way possible. Where you can’t locally source any ingredients or items, instead try and look for fair trade options.

If you are hosting an outdoors event, then you will need to provide sanitary facilities. Check out Satellite Industries for some environmentally conscious portable sanitation solutions.

It is perfectly possible to prioritize environmental concerns when planning a corporate event, without detracting from the overall appeal. Looking to hire more ecologically friendly venues, and locally sourcing catering, will not only give you an easily exploitable PR angle, it will also save you money. Hosting greener events makes good sense from every perspective and is not nearly as hard to do as some people imagine.