Friday 22 November 2019
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How to Control your Energy Risk in a Holistic Way

How to Control your Energy Risk in a Holistic Way

Risk management is used to be just a part of doing business; however, these days it has to be an integral part of a company. Stakeholders in the industry focus on having a plan in place to ensure risks are properly dealt with at all times. Successful companies assess their risk landscape in a holistic way. If you are looking to improve your risk management in your company, consider the following:

Promote Risk Awareness Across the Enterprise

Companies need to have risk management programs which depend on the employees to execute. These programs will fail if the employees won’t buy in. It is imperative for energy managers to ingrain risk awareness into the company culture.

Consider Risk as an Overall Business Challenge

Risk management across a business develops a unified picture for those assigned to make decisions and improve the ability of the company to effectively manage risks. Energy companies should recognize asset management, production management and sustainability as integral parts of their business strategy.

Make Risk Assessment a Standard Policy

This also includes the prioritization and quantification processes. It lets energy leaders and managers make sensible and better decisions in terms of operational risks.

Implement Related Rules and Regulations

Energy companies can have a central repository which will work to address details of related rules and regulations and their demands when it comes to supervision and governance.

Review the Risk Management Program on a Regular Basis

The risk management program of a company will have increasing requirements and needs as the business evolves. That is why energy leaders must review their programs regularly to cater to possible changes and the need for improvements.

Make use of Risk Management Software

Operational risk management software like ETRM software is available to help companies sift through data and determine what’s important and what’s not. Energy leaders can depend on risk dashboards, reporting tools and analytics to offer the visibility into risk. This software makes risk management life so much easier than it used to.

Consider Using Real-Time Alerts

The time needed to respond to an incident is a factor that can minimize the impacts. If there are real-time alerts, energy managers will be able to visibly spot the issues and effectively make decisions.

Companies that control their risk in a holistic manner are able to maintain the dependability of their asset, ensure compliance and safety as well as outperform their competitors. Successful companies bring technology into the fold and strengthen their value to their people.