Friday 22 November 2019
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Basic Trade shows Tips

Basic Trade shows Tips

Trade shows are every marketing and sales reps dream come true when it comes to landing new accounts and making strong connections. Trade shows work so well due to the one-on-one, facetime interactions you lack in today’s modern business world. While video conferencing and online meetings are huge, it does still lack the human touch.

So, how can you be sure your tradeshow will be a success? Here are a few simple ways to make sure the money you spent was a wise investment (because these can get VERY expensive!)

Offer a Giveaway

If you have ever attended a tradeshow just as an attendee, you know how appealing some of the swag can be. As a exhibitor or even as an attendee trying to land new business, you need to have something appealing and something they can remember you by. Personalize a peb, coozie for happy hour, tote bag or just about anything else with These are great giveaway ideas because even after you’ve shaken hands and passed out business cards, they will have something to remember you by even after the tradeshow ends. Business cards get thrown away; pens get used for ever!

Host a Happy Hour

Trade shows and booze go together like  beans and rice. If you are financially able, use some of your funds to host a small happy hour either on the tradeshow grounds or at a local restaurant. Use this as a way to pass out marketing materials that not only markets your business, but also the happy hour. As a sales rep, this is also an excellent time to close big deals and make new ones.

Attend Every Event Possible

Things can get really hectic and sometimes it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to attend everything you need. However, it is imperative that you at least try and attend any event or keynote that might have you next customer or connection attending as well. Check the schedule and plan ahead. See if you can get an attendee list from the tradeshow organizer and then you will really know who is attending what. Look for the ones that offer things like food, drink or maybe even a big prize as that will attract the most people.