Thursday 23 January 2020
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A Linux Systemunix Administration Training – User Setup in Etc Skel Directory – Linux Instructions Training

A Linux Systemunix Administration Training – User Setup in Etc Skel Directory – Linux Instructions Training

The Consumer Setup “Template” Files within the /etc/skel Directory Path

The skel (skeleton) directory below /etc contains directories and files which are produced during installing a Linux distribution (usually).

The directories and files produced in /etc/skel rely around the Linux distribution (version) you use.

Linux Instructions Training Tips: The A Linux Systemunix Administration instructions, concepts and user setup info covered here affect Other Linux distributions, including: Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Slackware, Debian, SUSE, openSUSE, Red Hat – and Fedora.

How Linux Users Obtain the Common “Template” Files in /etc/skel

If you produce a new Linux user, the files in skel are instantly copied towards the home list of a person. The skel directory generally contains hidden Linux configuration files for that party covering as well as hidden directories which contain configuration files for a few of the Linux software packages that were installed on the machine.

For instance, whenever you produce a user named cwest, a directory named cwest is instantly produced below /home.

Additionally for this, any directories and files in /etc/skel are copied to /home/cwest. This method can be used to supply users using the default directories and files they require.

Automatically, for many Linux distributions, there are just hidden (configuration) directories and files within the skel directory and never “unhidden” directories and files.

For instance, ezinearticles usually provides the .bashrc file, which is often used for that configuration from the party covering and also the .kde directory (when the KDE desktop has been used), containing settings for that KDE desktop.

For those who have other directories and files that you would like all users to possess, place them within the skel directory. Additionally to configuration files, place documents, as well as data directory structures that users will generally need within this directory.

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