The Importance of Analysing Energy Consumption of Construction Machinery

The Importance of Analysing Energy Consumption of Construction Machinery

Every single construction project is working within different parameters, budgets and timescales. Making sure that you can analyse the performance of the entire construction team, and their use of materials, equipment, machinery and any other type of plant hire, is an important aspect of a project manager’s job role. The energy consumption of construction machinery is vital as they have been designed and developed to offer maximum performance in tough and often tight situations, providing your team with the tools to perform the processes and tasks at hand for a successful construction project.

Being able to increase the efficiencies of a project could mean the difference between success and failure and there are a few ways in which you can do so through the analysis of energy consumption. The raw data can be used to improve performance through a few tweaks in direction and the processes that take place at any given moment on a construction site.

Track Your Vehicles – Many modern plant hire companies have increased the awareness of energy consumption through a systematic approach to adding telematics to their fleet of available vehicles and machinery that is available to hire. Using telematics and GPS technology is a great way to collect accurate data automatically, without having to rely on manual entry and the human errors and inaccuracies that are potentially evident during that process. Having the ability to track the every move of your vehicles and machinery works on a number of levels as you can see exactly where they are at any given time and work out whether the routes and approaches being taken are the most fuel efficient and most effective for the tasks at hand.

Analyse Data and Tweak Approach – Once you have the raw data at hand, and can see it in real time, it offers you a greater control over the project as a whole. Even if things aren’t going to plan in the middle of a phase of construction, the telematics and analysis of fuel consumption and energy efficiencies provides you with the bedrock to make changes that can have a huge significance on the effectiveness of the vehicles and machinery. You can increase the likelihood of meeting budgets and schedules as a result.

Go Into Future Projects Stronger – If you work on multiple construction projects and know for sure that you are going to be working on a number of similar projects in the future, energy consumption analysis provides you with the tools to deliver a better end product in those future ventures. You’ll understand which approaches work better for various vehicles and machinery in terms of saving money through fuel consumption, without compromising the quality of the work delivered.

 Tier 4i Emissions Compliance – Plant hire companies are always looking for ways to boost the environmental awareness of their brands, and the majority should now provide a range of options where a large percentage of the fleet available is Tier 4i compliant, lowering emissions and raising fuel efficiency standards.

Working with the raw data for energy consumption of construction machinery will help you build a more efficient and profitable venture for your current project and future opportunities.